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Fluid-Filled Cable

The Leading Company for Extra High Voltage Underground and Submarine Cable

Having first developed 275kV technology for Japan in 1960, this was further developed to supply the world's first 550kV FF cable. As the world's leading company JPS has an overwhelming number of records in the field of 500kV class extra high voltage cable installation, second to none. Likewise in the field of submarine cables, since having installed the worlds longest submarine cable at that time of 21km in 1921, we have to date manufactured and installed over 3,500km* of submarine cables. For both land and submarine purposes we have developed unique engineering methods to serve and win support and satisfaction from our customers. Furthermore, PPLP (Polypropylene Laminated Paper) was originally developed in JPS. It was already employed to 500 kV Honshu-Shikoku Interconnecting Line in Japan, 400 kV Long-Distance Transmission Lines in Singapore and in Hong Kong, 330 kV Long-Distance Transmission Line in Sydney, Australia etc. due to its superior performance.
FF submarine cable loading from huge turntable at Minato Works in 1998.(DC ±500kV 1x3,000mm2)
Landing work of FF submarine cable in Philippines in 2005 (AC230kV 1x630mm2 ) The long-term field test of 800kV FF cable in Hydro Quebec in 1993.
Installation work of 330kV 1x1600mm2 PPLP-insulated FF cable in Sydney in 2003 500kV 1x2,500mm2 PPLP-insulated FF cable installed in Honshu-Shikoku Interconnecting line in 1989.

The Development of PPLP and 800kV Extra High Voltage Cable.

PPLP-This product, now known throughout the world as the de-facto standard for the insulation of high capacity fluid-filled cables, greatly enhanced the cost performance and integrity of insulation material compared to conventional Kraft paper. Cultivating the technology that led to this original breakthrough has further led to the aggressive pursuit of new developments in the field of extra high voltage cable. In collaboration with Hydro Quebec of Canada, the world's highest voltage for insulated cable -800kV was successfully developed in 1993.