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Overhead Alminium Wire & Conductor

For the Advancement and Prosperity of a Society Utilizing High Level Technology

G(Z)TACSR [Gap Type Conductor] and ZT(XT)ACIR [INVAR Conductor] are unique conductors to up-rate the existing transmission line's capacity with similar sag by simply replacing the existing ACSR. To cope with new subjects, such as harmony with the environment and application for telecommunication in several transmission line project, NS-TACSR [Noise-suppressed conductor] and OPGW [Composite fiber optic overhead ground wire] have been developed. AS wires [Aluminum-clad Steel wires] have been used for the conventional ground wire, component wire of OPGW or as the core wire of ACSR/AS conductor.
500kV transmission line using Aeolian noise suppressed conductor (NS-TACSR)
Wind tunnel facility to develop Aeolian noise suppressed conductor
Gap Type Conductor (Low Sag Up-rating Conductor)
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INVAR Conductor Oval Shape Low Wind Pressure Conductor
Typical View of Compression Type Dead End Clamps Composite fiber optic overhead ground wire (OPGW)
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The Development of Unique Conductor to Satisfy the Several Demands

In collaboration with Japanese electrical power companies, J-Power Systems and its predecessor have constantly developed wide variety of unique new technologies and products, such as aluminum-clad steel wire (AS wire), OPGW(SUS/AL), ACSR/AS, NS-TACSR, G(Z)TACSR or ZT(XT)ACIR as a pioneer and leading manufacturer in the overhead electrical wires and cables industries in the world.