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JPS ensures high quality that wins the trust and satisfaction of customers.

To win the trust and satisfaction of our customers, J-Power Systems, as a world leading company, promotes the maintenance and improvement of quality control systems. We provide our customers with high quality products and services at every stage, from order receipt and shipment to installation work.

JPS promotes maintenance and improvement of good quality control systems.

As a manufacturer engaging in important social infrastructure building, JPS believes that Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction are the two crucial factors of its businesses. To ensure the success in these two factors, our QA/CS promotion sector (Quality Assurance Department) has established a quality control system for the entire company and takes various approaches to maintaining and ever- improving the system.

At all of manufacturing bases of J-Power Systems, production processes are strictly controlled in accordance with ISO9001, an international quality standard, and products are carefully tested using various testing methods including structural and material tests. An ultra-high voltage (UHV) test system is installed in Osaka and Hitaka Works, realizing an excellent testing environment. On-site testing can also be carried out at installation sites to ensure full customer satisfaction. To further promote these activities, JPS is also committed to cultivating excellent human resources and developing evaluation technologies with the focus on product functions so as to realize even higher QA/CS.

UHV cable testing Acquired ISO9001 certificate (in October, 2001)