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JPS seeks new possibilities under the key words of "energy" and "environment."

Keeping apace with these time of increasing global energy and environmental awareness, we are actively developing new products and systems including advanced materials such as ecological and recyclable materials. We are also making an endeavor to improve the characteristics and reliability of energy transmission and distribution systems so that a more stable supply of electricity may be ensured for future needs, maintaining the sound environment in the 21st century. New products include large-capacity transmission cables and lines, low loss power cables, high-efficiency transmission systems, and various maintenance systems for these infrastructures.
Long distance 500kV XLPE cable underground power transmission line High-sensitivity automatic partial discharge monitoring system
Tensile bending test (CIGRE test)
DC±500kV extruded submarine cable
FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) Analysis System, to investigate the new insulation material.