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XLPE Cable

Sophisticated Technical Knowhow from Accessories to Installation Engineering

XLPE cable is gaining popularity in high voltage application. Utilizing the broad base in technological and product developing knowhow accumulated from the first pioneering steps in this field way back in the 1960's, we have to date led the world in XLPE cable development. In 1995, we developed the world's first long distance 500kV extra high voltage cable and since then actively participated in numerous projects for this voltage class of cable. JPS provides full support towards its customers on "Full Turn Key" basis by providing high technology products, its related accessories and facilities from design, development, manufacturing right through to installation planning and its implementation. JPS has consistently provided prime quality and efficient engineering in diversified arenas such as underground, submarine and bridge crossings.
VCV tower in Osaka Works.
500kV XLPE cable installation work in Shinkeiyo Toyosu Line in 1996. 35kV 3x250mm2 XLPE submarine cable installed for offshore oil field in 1984.
Optical fiber composite 33kV 3x95mm2 XLPE submarine cable   500kV 1x1,400 mm2 XLPE cable installed in Imaichi P/S in 1987.   77kV XLPE cable installed on the world's longest bridge in 1998.

Pre-Breakdown from Metal Contaminant

The most important point in designing a cable is to determine the insulation thickness, which is usually determined according to the design stress and required expected life. To improve the dielectric strength of XLPE insulation, we detected the cause of the breakdown point in insulation by prebreakdown partial discharge detection method, which shut down the applied voltage when detecting the partial discharge from the defect point in insulation as shown in the above figure.