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Please carefully read the following statements before proceeding to the inquiry form.

1.Your personal information provided to us will be managed responsibly by us, and will be used only for the purpose of responding to your inquiry.

2.Inquiries that are considered appropriate to be answered by our business partners such as our contractors, agents, and other member companies of the Sumitomo Electric group (hereinafter referred to as "our business partners") may be forwarded to and directly answered by our appropriate business partners.

3.Depending on the subject, some inquiries may require time to be answered. For this reason, we may not be able to meet your deadline for urgent request.

4.Messages regarding the following will not be responded to or forwarded to our departments or business partners.
-Sales offers. Abuses and slanders. Requests for surveys, investigations, and contributions.
-Questions and comments on the matters not relating to our products or services.

5.Opinions and suggestions are accepted but not responded to individually.

6.The reply from our business partners or us is to be sent only for the purpose of answering to users' inquiry. Please do not use all or a part of the reply for any other purpose.

7.Your personal information provided on our web site is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer: an industry-standard security protocol that encrypts data transmitted over the Internet) technology. If you are using an SSL-compliant browser, personal information you send will be encrypted automatically.

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